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Inventor of the World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee
Berners-Lee, 41, was a physicist living in Switzerland in 1989, when he became frustrated with his inability to share research with far-flung colleagues. His solution: electronic links to information that would spread like a spider's web. Now millions worldwide surf the Web every day. Berners-Lee spent his childhood in London, cutting toy computers out of boxes. Today he heads the W3 Consortium at MlT's Laboratory for Computer Science in Boston. Its mission: to realize the full potential of the Web. (Footnote: He's made little money from his invention.) The most exciting aspect of the Web: "You feel you're playing a part in the world brain, contributing to something very large and connected."
Note: The World Wide Web was established on the Internet that was started in the late 70's to provide the government and research centers a network for sharing information.