The next project was Visual Concepts Inc.
High quality outdoor LED signs with advanced hardware and software features still not found in signs available today. Unfortunatly, most buyers of this type of sign do not buy quality. Instead they buy from the lowest bider.
Yes! Big or small, we have a size to fit your needs.
This sign is over 50 feet wide and is 80 feet off the ground.

Smaller signs to advertise, display traffic conditions, time and tempurature, how many spaces are open in your parking lot or any other information that you want people to see are available.

You can have your sign display what ever you want.

Easy to use PC based software allows you to design your own displays and simulate them before you send them to the sign either by direct connection or by modem.
Messages may be scheduled to display only at selected times, days of the week and/or by dates.

Quality design and construction has made these signs the best made signs in the industry.

Remote PC viewing of actual display complete with any bad pixels and status of power supplies.